Bed Laura

Bed Laura

Discreet beauty

from 59 273 ₽
Price in the Basic configuration
Basic configuration
Basic bed configuration Laura

The basic layout includes

  • Frame
  • Headboard
  • Orthopedic base
  • Slats
  • Plastic slat holders
  • Damper
  • Linen box
  • Spreader
  • 5 cm plastic legs
  • Handles and ventilation
  • Steel corner supports
  • Nut joint
  • Felt pads
  • Upholstery fabric Preston
  • Front color Preston 750
  • Front color Preston 750

    • Frame material
      Laminated chipboard
      Laminated chipboard
      It is an excellent solution for creating high-quality and attractive furniture. Chipboard facades open limitless possibilities for creating design ideas and corresponds to modern life needs.
    • Fits
      into interiors
      Hi-tech style, based on minimalism, forms a functional free space with an excellent level of ergonomics and laconic lines.
      The absence of unnecessary details, restrained colors, simple lines, functionality and ergonomics - Minimalistic style has absorbed everything that is necessary for the life of a modern person in free and beautiful space.

    About model
    The Laura bed offers simplicity, elegance, style, everything, that a modern city dweller is looking for in the interior of his bedroom.The rectangular shape of the headboard with a wide frame adds volume and depth to a laconic image. High-quality components and frame materials, as well as soft upholstery, ensure a long service life.
    The frame of the model is made of technologically advanced laminated chipboard. The model is equipped with a reinforced orthopedic base made of a solid steel frame that can carry a load of up to 220 kg per bed. The Laura bed is available in three sizes.

    Laura Colors

    Laura Vantages
    Healthy sleep
    The bed provides high-quality healthy sleep thanks to the reinforced orthopedic base and modern manufacturing technologies.
    Load distribution
    There is a steel spreader in the center of the linen drawer. It holds the side elements and is the main support for heavy things.
    High quality materials
    Bottoms of linen boxes are made of 6 mm thick high-strength MDF sheets. This dense material can carry up to 100 kg of distributed load.